The Bonk Compendium - Pithecanthropus Internetus

Game Enhancer Codes
GGGBBonk's Adventure005-13B-F7DInfinite EnergyGaloob
GGGBBonk's Adventure007-99D-D5DInfinite LivesGaloob
GGGBBonk's Adventure021-AFF-E66
Start With 3 Lives
1st Life As Mad Bonk (Not On Continue)
GGGBBonk's Adventure021-AFF-E66
Start 1st Life As Turtle Bonk (Not On Continue)Galoob
GGGBBonk's Adventure0X1-AFF-E66Start With X + 1 Lives (Not On Continue)Galoob
GGGBBonk's Revenge009-01AInfinite Livesventuz
GSGBBonk's Adventure01121CCDInfinite EnergyInteract
GSGBBonk's Adventure01DD25CCInfinite LivesInteract
GSGBBonk's Adventure010XB0C5Power Up Modifier
0: Normal
1: Rock-Head
2: Invisible Screamer
3: Turtle
4: Old Bonk
GSGBBonk's Revenge010969CCInfinite Livessprinter_h
GGNESBonk's AdventureSZVZINVKInfinite LivesGaloob
GGNESBonk's AdventureAEKAAAZAStart With 1 LifeGaloob
GGNESBonk's AdventureIEKAAAZAStart With 6 LivesGaloob
GGNESBonk's AdventureAEKAAAZEStart With 9 LivesGaloob
GGNESBonk's AdventureGEUAAEGAStart With Less Initial Energy But More Max EnergyGaloob
GGNESBonk's AdventureAOUAAEGEStart With More EnergyGaloob
GGNESBonk's AdventureGXEEYEGASuper Jump When NormalGaloob
GGNESBonk's AdventureGXVPIKSEKeep "Speed Up" After Powered DownGaloob
GGNESBonk's AdventureGASZTYAAGain Energy From Picking Up SmilesGaloob
GGNESBonk's AdventureYEXELAAAStart On Stage 2-1Galoob
GGNESBonk's AdventureIEXELAAEStart On Stage 3-1Galoob
GGNESBonk's AdventureZOXELAAAStart On Stage 4-1Galoob
GGNESBonk's AdventureYOXELAAAStart On Stage 5-1Galoob
GGNESBonk's AdventurePXXELAAAStart On Stage 6-1Galoob
GGNESBonk's AdventureSXSPVOSEInfinite Healthelectric_jimi
PARNESBonk's Adventure00044109Infinite LivesRune
PARNESBonk's Adventure00044106Infinite Hits (Ignore Display)Rune
PARNESBonk's Adventure04820144InvisibilitySlayer Moon
PARSNESSuper Bonk7E101C1E
Infinite Max Life
PARSNESSuper Bonk7E100C0CInfinite Fly/Invincibility
PARSNESSuper Bonk7E1022FFInfinite Coins
PARSNESSuper Bonk7ED09663Infinite Time
PARSNESSuper Bonk7E10070XPower Up Modifier
0: Normal
1: Little
2: Big
4: Crab
5: Little Crab
6: Big Crab
PARSNESSuper Bonk7E10090X
Aggression Modifier
0: Normal
1: Fester
2: Kronk
PARSNESSuper Bonk7E011AFFFloat To The Topjeffsback2223
PARSNESSuper Bonk7E101E09Infinite Livesjeffsback2223