The Bonk Compendium - Pithecanthropus Internetus

ハドソンセレクションPC原人 公式ページOfficial homepage of the PC Genjin remake for GameCube and PS2.
ハドソン公式ホームページHudson Soft, creators of the Bonk games.
Hudson EntertainmentHudson Entertainment, Inc., the North American arm of Hudson Soft.
Bonk's ReturnMobile phone Bonk game to be released Fall 2006.
Pcenginefx.comCovers the various PC Engine, Turbo, and PC-FX consoles and includes huge amounts of exclusives.
The PC Engine Software BibleCovers many PC Engine games.
The TurboGrafx-16 Preservation SocietyArchive of TurboPlay, Turboforce, and Duo World magazines.
TurboGrafx-16.comLots of Turbo console content.
The Turbo ListOne of the oldest Turbo sites around.
PC Engine Catalog ProjectAttempting to catalog every PC Engine/Turbo game in existence.
PC Engine Lounge HuCardGreat resource for PC Engine HuCard games.
NEC Plus UltraFrench site with some rare PC Engine items.
The Mushroom KingdomThe inspiration for this site, covering all aspects of all Mario games.
Konfiskated Teknologies NetworkA computer and gaming network featuring many sites such as this one.
Video Game JamVideo game guitar, bass, and drum tablature.
Video Game Music ArchiveTens of thousands of video game music MIDIs.
Magic EngineTurboGrafx-16 emulator.