The Bonk Compendium - Pithecanthropus Internetus

PC Genjin and Chikkun beanie babies
From Japan; picture provided by NEC Plus Ultra
Get Zonked! T-shirt
Photo taken at E3
Honk if you Bonk T-shirt
Limited run of 50 given out as prizes
PC Genjin 2 plastic item
Photo #2
Photo #3
Found on Yahoo! Japan Auctions; I don't know what this is

Hudson's CD Game Music Collection '93
Air Zonk is featured on the cover
1994 Hudson CD-ROM2 Music Collection II
Contains tracks from PC Genjin 3

A catalog containing Bonk merchandise came with some TurboGrafx-16 systems. Merchandise featuring Bonk included T-shirts and bags. If anybody can provide scans of this catalog or pictures of the actual merchandise, please contact us.